Going Slower

To move with others we cannot go faster than they do.

Pushing, pulling, forcing in the name of efficiency, urgency, greater good or any value will not create anything sustainable with others. All force against others is tyranny. We do it so easily to others because we do it to ourselves unconsciously.

Our urgent pushing and pulling is reflected back making things worse.

What are the alternatives? Inquiring about others’ care from our own care. Avoiding all violence, first stopping self-violence. Accepting ourselves and others is the beginning understanding necessary for any collaboration.

We cannot move faster than our own ability to move with grace. We cannot move faster than our ability to connect gracefully with others.

How? Purposefully slowing down. Asking lots of questions rather than making hasty judgements, or moving on untested assumptions. Trust comes from shared care, which is never violent nor manipulative. By the way, everyone knows your intentions, so they better be worthy!

Facilitated Dialogue is the bed rock of community collaboration. How to give voice to the collaborative, community spirit in us? We need to create “The NW Washington Health Dialogue Sessions”. We could engage a few expert facilitators and then become expert facilitators ourselves. I see several distinct dialogue groups with overlapping membership. Health care organizations as orchestrated in Grand Junction, Colorado. Community members, employers and community-based non-profit, non-governmental social support organizations. Schools, public health. Churches. As each group finds it’s voice, then dialogue sessions with participants from any and all of the foundational sessions could come together to find new possibilities. The trick is to spawn action from the conversations.

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