Back to the Source of Inspiration

There is a lot going on in health care. I regularly feel the need to reorient myself. This morning I reflect back upon my own source of inspiration. In 2001 a group of patients in my community articulated what a redesigned health care system would have to accomplish from their perspective. They simplified the problem/solution considerably. The asked consistently for three things:

  1. Navigator-Coaches,
  2. Their own life long, sharable, personal health records and
  3. Access to tailored knowledge, education, and training to have more self-caring capability.

I will continue to help this emerge in my community, my organization, my state, my country, and beyond.

2 thoughts on “Back to the Source of Inspiration

  1. Hi Marc:
    Hope you are well. I’m glad you are grounded in what is possible when authentic conversations and partnerships with patients, health care professionals and the community are happening. P2 was certainly a touchstone for that experience. Take care.

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