A3 Thinking as Guided Innovation

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Innovation is the result of humans in conversations, specific types of embodied conversations.

“A3” refers to a 11 by 17 inch piece of paper.

The workers at Toyota, when making improvements in their work, are able to record the outcomes of a set of conversations on a piece of paper of this size.

The “Thinking” refers to a very elegant way of guiding people through the essential conversations of any innovation.

Recall that innovation can be though of as “The adoption of a new practice by a community.”

The headings or conversational mile posts when innovating with A3 Thinking are:

  1. Issue
  2. Background
  3. Current condition
  4. Cause analysis (of the breakdowns)
  5. Target condition (desired next state)
  6. Countermeasures
  7. Implementation Plan
  8. Costs
  9. Test
  10. Follow-up