The Community Health Information & Learning Stack

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  1. Learning Layer: Sofi; System Dynamics Modeling; Community Organizaing; 
  2. Coaching and Support Layer: e.g. Answers Media
  3. Coordination Layer: Congral’s “Coordinators”
  4. Analytic Layer: e.g. MS Amalga
  5. Data Repository Layer: e.g. MS Amalga
  6. Place of Employment / School Layer: e.g. Answers Media + Congral’s SCP
  7. Patient and Family Layer: Congral’s SCP and MS HealthVault; Genomics
  8. Community-wide (Health System) Patient Portal Layer: e.g. MS SharePoint (Now an Amalga use case, previously HCC)
  9. Community-wide Provider Portal Layer: e..g. Health Unity, HealthVault Community Connect, Orion
  10. Clinical Data Exchange Layer: e.g. Health Unity, Relay Health
  11. EMR Transaction Layer: Certified EMRs