Analytic Layer

Data aggregation is not equivalent to analysis. It is not clear which methods of data representation and data analysis will be most appropriate there for a community needs the most robust and flexible tools for data analysis AND this layer and all others must protect the privacy of the individuals as defined by their preferences.

This layers is new territory. John Moore, the author of the 2001 Chilmark Report keeps track of this evolving technology. A year ago he gave the Microsoft’s Amalga product the highest marks. Since them Amalga has been used in several of the nationally funded Beacon Communities and several regional HIE initiatives, most recently the Chicago HIE, where they are paired up with Health Unity’s data exchange layer.

The near term success of any ACO will depend most on getting to this level. The long term success will depend upon a very integrated approach that includes the Patient and Family layer and the School and Employee layer, the Coaching and Support layer, and the Coordination Layer.

Navigating the emerging complexity will require the top Learning Layer.