Patient and Family Layer

This layer is revolutionary. We are able to connect and provide real time decision support and coordination to individuals and families based upon all the data in the system, based upon the individual’s preferences, and monitor their progress in order to support them when needed. This layer have been developed by a boutique software development company (Congral) in collaboration with Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, PeaceHealth, Whatcom County providers, andĀ  Microsoft Health Solutions group.

In my opinion this is the first developed example of the core technology that Clayton Christensen (Innovator’s Prescription) predicts will be essential for the “networked” business model which will be central to the new business of health care delivery.

Currently most health care systems and providers are reacting to what regulators and the federal government are insisting upon or paying for. Because of misaligned payment incentives, few areĀ  moving in the direction of customer integration–except Group Health and Kaiser and even they have not embraced full support and therefore integration of their customers.

Whatcom County, Washington has listened to customers, developed this “layer” and begun implementing it. However, empowering the patient and family in their health and wellbeing works against the current payment paradigm, meaning you have happier, healthier customers and less money. This is a real problem. This technology becomes a major key to success as the payment incentives align between providers and service recipients. As providers are reimbursed based upon population health this technology will gain wide usage. Whatcom County (WAHA) is moving deliberately toward a whole community (Level 4) ACO where the citizens and the providers have aligned incentives for the first time in 70 years.

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