Place of Employment / School Layer

The parts of the current health system are at best focused on responding to mandates and to creating efficiencies within their own system.

The visit based payments are being replaced by a results based payments. This requires that we understand how people change their behaviors. To be really successful at creating populations health outcomes we will need to focus on supporting the behavior change of our customers, of the people in our communities. We will not succeed if we view the office or the doctor to be at the center of behavior change. We are an illness system, not a health system. Health will only improve when schools and workplaces get involved in supporting behavior change.

Social technology and collaborative communication technologies are required. These must go beyond the current employee wellness programs. Martin Seligman, PhD, at the University of Pennsylvania School of Psychology has been leading the way, working with schools and the US Army.

The Comprehensive Army Fitness Program may be the most advanced model that could be adapted for employee wellness and wellbeing.

Here in a YouTube video of my thoughts on this critically important topic. More to come.