Conversational Practices of Innovation

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Denning and Duhnam (The Innovators Way) have outlined and explained a set of essential conversations that must be skillfully practiced for intended innovations to succeed. They name eight conversational practices. Foundational to these practices is Observing.

These are the eight conversational practices:

  1. Sensing
  2. Envisioning
  3. Offering
  4. Adopting
  5. Executing
  6. Sustaining
  7. Leading
  8. Embodying

To my way of thinking both Observation and Embodying are foundational. Conversations that are not embodied or not grounded in observational skills will be ineffective. So while practicing the conversational skills we must practice our observational skills and get coaching to develop our embodied presence. Bert Bennett, an accomplished Aikido sensei has much to offer about presence and the way of embodied innovation.