Graduated sanctions

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5. Graduated sanctions
Appropriators who violate operational rules are likely to be assessed graduated sanctions (depending on the seriousness and context of the offense) by other appropriators, by officials accountable to the appropriators, or by both.
Considering the possibility that a community will create negative (more likely positive) incentives to encourage healthy behaviors  is a departure from our current thinking about illness as an entirely private issue. However, wellbeing, degrees of healthy behavior that are not engaged in may be sanctioned by peers. Interesting.
We may benefit from dividing behaviors into several categories and then  consider how to apply sanctions or incentives for each category or situation.
  1. Happiness, joy, play…
  2. Life Style Behaviors
  3. Preventive Testing and Behaviors
  4. Acute Care
  5. Chronic Care
  6. Palliative Care
  7. Hospice Care

Positive incentives likely should result in PERMA.