4. Monitoring
Monitors, who actively audit CPR conditions and appropriator behavior, are accountable to the appropriators or are the appropriators.
Traditionally in US healthcare “monitors” have been utilization and review nurses and health insurance/plan administrative staff–in other words outsiders from Ostrom’s perspective.
Inside monitors, accountable to appropriators are what is needed to meet this principle.
What are the CPR conditions most in need of monitoring?
  1. Positive Emotions
  2. Positive Relationships
  3. Meaningful work or play
  4. Engaging work
What behavior of health plan members is of most relevance?
  1. Losada Ratios
  2. Resilience training
  3. Patient Activation Measures
  4. Preventive screening
  5. Lipid levels
  6. BMI
  7. Smoking
Who are best seen as the appropriators?
  1. I assume that it must be both providers with the legal and organizational authority to “order” tests, procedures, medications, equipment, absence from employment, etc.
  2. AND the individuals and families.