Synthesis and Simplification of the Eight Rules

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There are two ideas here:

A) Power of local (neighbors’) personal relationships and the related Limited Span of Personal Relationship

  • This limitation calls for clearly defined (1) boundaries–of relationship ability.
  • Requirement for (8) nesting of CPR enterprises in order to manage inter-relationship between limited personally connected networks. This is done by creating an empowered (delegated power) network of super relaters.
  • (3) Collective choice arrangements–individuals have a say in local rules for balancing accumulation and withdrawal from the common pool.
  • (7) Outsiders with power over the community must not disallow local rule setting and management.

B) Balancing [(2)local congruence] the accumulation and withdrawal of common pool resources through personal relationships

  • (4) Local Monitoring
  • (5) Local Graduated Sanctions
  • (6) Local Conflict Resolution