10. The Structure of Material Stocks and Flows

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Such as transport networks, population age structures. A system’s structure may have enormous effect on operations, but may be difficult or prohibitively expensive to change. Fluctuations, limitations, and bottlenecks may be easier to address. For example, the inhabitants are worried about their lake getting polluted, as the industry releases chemical pollutants directly in the water without any previous treatment. The system might need the used water to be diverted to a waste water treatment plant, but this requires rebuilding the underground used water system (which could be quite expensive).


This one is very interesting for health care and will require some thought. The key STOCKS are:

  1. Health by age, etc.
  2. Illness by age, etc.
  3. At risk of illness by age, etc. (smoking, obesity, risk taking behaviors, ACEs score categories)
  4. Concierge/Matching function personnel by age, etc.
  5. Access to Knowledge and Decision Support
  6. Access to procedural Experts
  7. Positivity and Human Flourishing
  8. PAM by age, etc.

Secondary STOCKS are:

  1. Doctors by specialty and age
  2. Nurses by specialty and age
  3. Transportation
  4. Population by educational level
  5. Master Coaches for training Flourishing Coaches