4 thoughts on “Leverage Points Wiki

  1. I hope that other health care system thinkers will find this site and participate in exploring the implications of Meadow’s Leverage Points on rethinking today’s health care.

  2. Marc, I think you need to publicize it in some way, via new media perhaps? A couple small youtube videos about what it is about, published to Facebook, and twitter, all referring to each other. … And then email the links to everyone you know, asking/telling them to take some interest. … People need to be told what to do sometimes.

    • Jack,
      Good advice.
      I will do just that pretty soon. I just need to get enough of the framework out here before asking my friends to jump in.

  3. PERMA. I need to map Positive emotion, Engagement, positive Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment into Meadow’s leverage points.
    Games and resilience are build on PERMA.

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