Partners for Flourishing

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Individuals who flourish are more successful students, more creative and productive employees, more activated patients, more engaged citizens.

Prime partners for increasing the flourishing of our communities are:

  • Teachers
  • Employers
  • Healthcare practitioners
  • Local Government
  • and Faith Communities.

Numerous philanthropic organizations are shifting their focus up steam toward the sources of the dis-ease they are chartered to …

Many are seeing early childhood, neighborhoods, communities are the source of down stream problems as well as resilience. As foundations move their focus upstream they are seeing a convergence and therefore they have begun to talk to one another and cooperate in addressing the common cause of multiple downstream dis-eases.

The science, art, and practice of human flourishing is rapidly becoming mainstream.

P4 clinics will participate in the science, art, and practice of human flourishing, as human flourishing is as much the goal as the delay or avoidance of onset of physical illness.