PERMA–Flourishing, Positive Psychology and Games

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PERMA must be central to the design principles for any positive self sustaining human undertaking. In particular it must be included in the design of health innovation work. Any enterprise designed to last must incorporate PERMA into it’s day-to-day fabric–culture, leadership, methods, work teams, and customer relations.


Martin Seligman (Penn Positive Psychology Center), Barbara Fredrickson (PEPLab), and Jane McGonigal (Institute for the Future) are my inspiration for this page.

PERMA is the backbone of positive psychology and successful games. PERMA refers to:

Positive Emotions

Engagement (peek performance, flow)

Positive Relationship

Meaning and Purpose (bigger than narrow self interest)



When humans flourish many things go better. Synergies include: 

  • Less illness; for most major clinical conditions
  • Less depression
  • Better business profitability
  • Better performance in schools; therefore, better jobs
  • Less substance abuse
  • Better civic engagement

Improving PERMA floats three primary boats in any community: Business success, Educational success, and Health success. I along with Seligman, propose that increasing PERMA become the main goal of any community.