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Primary Care Medical Home is defined here.

The key to the success of a PCMH is the care coordination and coaching function. This requires a particular mind set, new roles, new skills, new technologies and new relationships with patients. In fact it requires putting the patient in the center and coordinating with them, from their understanding and capabilities. Coordination without coaching will fail to deliver behavior change, it will only reduce some errors and some delays. Alone coordination is not a game changer.


There is overlap between the concepts behind the PCMH and P4Medicine and there are differences.

The significant difference is the large emphasis on Prediction in P4M. Also the expansive scope of health and wellbeing inherent in our concept of P4Medicine seems broader than that of PCMH.

An ideal future PCMH might incorporate all P4Medicine components and methods; but that will await a more collaborative integration between medicine and community resources. We will create that integration in our P4Medicine Clinics where health and human flourishing are the goal, not simply the absence of medical diseases.