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This on line learning system enables the members of any enterprise or community to find their missing conversations, have the conversations and see the results. It is an essential tool for coordination, collaboration, and co-creation.

It is useful to be aware of and understand six levels in any complex enterprise:

  1. The individual
  2. The work team
  3. The functional team
  4. The cross-functional team
  5. The executive function
  6. The whole system function

It is useful to know the status of the whole enterprise through three domains: 1) the market place, 2) the internal functions of enterprise, and 3) the capabilities of the people who make up the enterprise.

Interfaces with the Market Place:

9. Communicating with the Market and Sensing the Environment
7. Measurement to inform Resource Allocation
4. Sales and Marketing

Internal enterprise functions:

8. Strategic Planning
6. Day-to-day Operations
3. Infrastructure


10. Leading
11. Culture
5. Innovating, Learning, and Training
2. Staffing
1. Interacting with Customers (Creating Value)