WAHA Guideing Principles

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  1. Care should be organized around patient-centered medical homes.
  2. Coordination is a hallmark of the system.
  3. The patients experience in all setting is collaborative and patient centered.
  4. Care seeks to activate patients.
  5. Patients have access to care when they need/want it.
  6. The care coordination system supports patients and families as they engage in improving their own health.
  7. We seek a delivery system to serve the whole community, inclusive of linguistic and cultural diversity, and all socio-economic backgrounds.
  8. Quality is consistently measured and care is evidence based.
  9. The financial structure of the system must create aligned incentives to achieve the Triple Aim: 1) Improve health of the Whatcom count population, 2) improve our local patients’ experience of care, and 3) reduce per capita costs of health care locally.
  10. The future system will be accountable, transparent, and function in a culture of continuous quality improvement.